Why use us?

Increased engagement

Redefine your retail experience. Our product have been proven to increase customer retention by 150% and foot traffic by 50%.

Increased sales

Get customers over the line by presenting them targeted offers when they are making a purchase decision.


We provide you all the hardware you need, a white-labelled iphone app, and a web-based platform for you to manage your offers.

How does it work

Place our beacons in your venue and send highly targeted content, at the right moment.

Customer enters your venue.

Send an 'offer of the day' to your customers as soon as they step into your venue.


Customer browsing a product.

Learn what your customers are looking for and send highly personalised offers to them in real-time.

Customer making a purchase decision.

Trigger a personalised offer to be sent to a customer that has been looking at a product for a significant amount of time.


If this, then that.

Use our web-based platform to set up custom offers based on your customer's behaviour, or browse through our collection of pre-made recipes.

  • If a customer enters my shop, then send a 10% discount voucher
  • If a customer visits the bedsheet section, then send a product tour of bedsheet products
  • If a customer looks at a bedsheet for more than 5 minutes, then send a 20% discount for all bedsheets


We are launching pilot trials with the largest retail brands in Australia.
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